Book Pickup/Clean out

Books lose their value very quickly. We do our best to find homes for all books. Whether it donating them to a library, school or smaller bookstore, or selling the ones that still have a little value, every books needs and finds a new home. The books that are sold help to cover the costs incurred during all aspects of the process.

Textbook Purchase

Like all books, Text Books lose their value. Sometimes the lose their value even faster than other books.

We do our best to fairly compensate you for the books you have for sale. Textbooks can be like a new car, they lose a large percentage of their value once you “drive them off of the lot”.

Book Collections

Have a large collection of books for an estate or collector?

Let us come take a look. We have scouters available all over and if we are fairly close to your location we will take a look.

FREE Pickup/Haul Away

We understand that books are heavy and can be hard to deal with. Let us get those books out of your way and haul them off to find them a new home.

Condition of Books

Although we try to not turn down any books, we do require that they be in somewhat good condition, free from mold and water damage.

Next Steps…

Our mission is to provide an option for people who want to clear their homes and offices of books they no longer need. Books can be heavy and overwhelming to manage, which is why we strive to provide the best service possible!